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Eastern Antichess 1h 7
Hourly Bullet 26m 46
Hourly Blitz 56m 32
Hourly SuperBlitz 56m 18
Koblencs 3+0 Atom Rated 40m 12
Romanov 7+2 Rated 40m 5
Bruzón 0+1 KotH Rated 25m 1
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  1. Thanks for your donations! eatchipss Thank you thibault for your constant hard work we appreciate it!
  2. Bullet rating here = what bull… VariantLurker well, you cannot really encounter too many cheaters in bullet, even on…
  3. help with 960 galaxie-500 oh, right...because it gives me +5.9. thanks!
  4. Bullet rating here = what bull… goldbeard What!? Cheaters?! Good that I joined lichess then, and not…
  5. help with 960 hitsujyun 38.Qxf4 for now.( 38...Rxf4?? 39.Ra8+ Rf8 40.Rxf8# ) White will have …
  6. Bullet rating here = what bull… Unihedron ratings are meaningless since there are so many cheaters the…
  7. help with 960 galaxie-500 i resigned thinking it was futile, but upon analysis, the last move my…
  8. Bullet rating here = what bull… Dionysus_god It's a number that tends to be slightly higher than ELO ratings on oth…
  9. Bullet rating here = what bull… Toadofsky #5 Ratings aren't the same because: a) The players and playing condit…
  10. Bullet rating here = what bull… thetasquared I have always wondered why the ratings aren't the same - at least for …
  11. Bullet rating here = what bull… awesomer My lichess rating is around 150 points higher than my rating.
  12. Bullet rating here = what bull… Toadofsky #1 Unless other sites give us the identities (and ratings) of their us…
  13. Bullet rating here = what bull… Sandbucket you'd have to play on those sites yourself to see the difference reall…
  14. Bullet rating here = what bull… INDIANCHESSKING I am ~1700 bullet here, what is this equivalent to on other sites like…
  15. Thanks for your donations! geobadger I feel obligated to donate with how much time I spend on this great si…
  16. Animation speed in variations … Usolando is this happening only to me? pieces are going to squares in two step…
  17. And two more servers! DanDan2016 And hopefully soon, with all the hard work of toadofsky maybe there wi…
  18. And two more servers! Toadofsky #1 Awesome!! It's great to give players tools to better understand th…
  19. And two more servers! LM Dr-Zaitzev @Usolando: we'll always have Fischer's chess :D
  20. And two more servers! Usolando at this rate stockfish gonna erase humans from the face of earth
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Conditional premoves for Correspondence chess players, and more goodies!

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