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  1. Knowing theory Neverness Some Grandmaster whispered long ago this phrase: "Chess is 99% tactics…
  2. Knowing theory Usolando chess is fun, don't study, just play it
  3. Knowing theory Dionysus_god I also hear this idea of "just knowing the general ideas" very frequen…
  4. Knowing theory Dionysus_god Endgame theory: Yet another aspect of theory that one should not avoid…
  5. Knowing theory qkxwsm You don't really have to know too much theory, but just know the gener…
  6. Stockfish Ratings hilbert90 Sorry if this gets asked a lot. I rarely come to the forums and don't …
  7. What about playing new variant… awesomer oh, #7, you just posted when i wrote #8 :-)
  8. What about playing new variant… awesomer Hmm, do you mean…
  9. Post-based Cat Chess game cat_person Here are the rules of Cat Chess. Sides:There are three sides in the…
  10. What about playing new variant… cat_person Sides:There are three sides in the game, white, black and feline. The…
  11. Knowing theory Dionysus_god I'm sure you've heard this numerous times. It is often shouted by play…
  12. How many chessplayers are regi… Neverness Pikachu is more 'moe' than Lichess, but not more awesome! =P
  13. How many chessplayers are regi… Usolando there is only one thing more awesome than lichess: pikachu!!!
  14. How many chessplayers are regi… Neverness BeLoud, No, but it's the best though! :-)
  15. What about playing new variant… awesomer what the rules of this game?
  16. I'm practicing for a FIDE tour… gabrr82 Hi. I will be playing a tournament starting this weekend, so until fri…
  17. The global average rating went… Bourbon53 yes its higher, im about 1850 FIDE.
  18. Just finally cracked the Antic… Unihedron That's the spirit! Good luck on your way to getting the best trophy of…
  19. Just finally cracked the Antic… andonuts I'm only not playing so that at the end of the day, the graphic will s…
  20. tactics trainer error phaseshift In this puzzle, only Qa7+ i…
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Lichess Summer Marathon Tournament

and a bonus sneak peek at the next major feature of lichess!

lichess mobile 2.0

This week we published a new, revamped lichess mobile application!

Improvements to Lichess - June edition

Developers had too much coffee during the last two weeks, and lichess took a big step forward.