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  1. analysis table Haru_Dragojimaji Lichess is always getting better but I think the game analysis table w […]
  2. Pausing a game feature Legit-Lobster As opposed to short games where the opposite is the case. Your point?
  3. Pausing a game feature Wafflesmack completely unnecessary, especially in long games where you can leave f […]
  4. Pausing a game feature atg I agree. Thanks for the proposal. That has happened to me plenty. Many […]
  5. ChessWhiz TV: Funday Mondays ChessNewbie2005 Good show. But too long, much too long.
  6. What kind of music do you like Dima666 What really does Mensa ?
  7. Pausing a game feature POMMODORO I think a good feature should be having the possibility to pause a gam […]
  8. Stockfish 8 openings Legit-Lobster It's a crutch, giving the engine a book to access for the first couple […]
  9. ChessWhiz TV: Funday Mondays ChessWhiz Grandfather Clock Chess was certainly interesting. Pick up the recordi […]
  10. WORLD CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH […] Clarkey The grand finale, Game 11:
  11. WORLD CHESS CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH […] Farside Carlsen retains Title as World Champion
  12. Stockfish 8 openings c____ hmmm. well this might not be much help but you could just manually set […]
  13. Start new game button gone jkr I'd also appreciate the return of the find new game button.
  14. Feature Request: please return […] rzenaikrzys Yes,this option is important,back it,please
  15. The red box which is highlight […] Clarkey […]
  16. The red box which is highlight […] brumo Hi, I noticed when reviewing my games with the computer analysis th […]
  17. There should be an "offer draw […] IDetestChess Thanks for your replies
  18. There should be an "offer draw […] IDetestChess Fair enough, I suppose. I sort of assumed there was already a system f […]
  19. There should be an "offer draw […] Clarkey Not that simple. A lot of positions with fight still in them have even […]
  20. There should be an "offer draw […] IDetestChess Wouldn't it simply be a matter of evaluating which side has the advant […]
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