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  1. Accidental Castling AHundredPuzzlesADay Hi, I wanted to share just a small issue I had today. Apparently t […]
  2. Search for a correspondence game Dr_King_Schultz It's on the homepage, above Lichess TV.
  3. Search for a correspondence game Toscani I found my game. I used the browser si […]
  4. calling all hockey players kkinley Do you play hockey (ice hockey)? If so post here about stuffs in hockey.
  5. Search for a correspondence game Toscani Where is this side bar located?
  6. Nice tactical game! azadi I was on a really bad time pressure, so i do not see 24.Nf4+ and 25.Qe5!
  7. where are the played games? XxTDSxX Hi calmar You can watch your played games by clicking on your nickn […]
  8. Nice tactical game! azadi A nice tactical game from me :) !! […]
  9. Engine vs lots of analysys tiger2war @sakram, to that challenge against Stockfish, the participants can u […]
  10. Engine vs lots of analysys tiger2war At ICC sometimes the best players (almost all FMs, IMs and GMs) did th […]
  11. feature : create PGN from IRL game tyrcho Note : if you give me some hints, I would be delighted to implement th […]
  12. feature : create PGN from IRL game tyrcho Here is my use case. I just played a good game with my friend on table […]
  13. Engine vs lots of analysys sakram we are skypying with soldier now and trying to beat stockfish together […]
  14. Engine vs lots of analysys azuaga can be done as, by vote, I think it's best
  15. Three check stockfish ! DVRazor e4 d5 typical blunder of the engine. Needs tweaking no doubt.
  16. Three check stockfish ! soldier89_kn Great game! Unbelivable! Is he player a human or alien? He is also […]
  17. Three check stockfish ! sakram stockfish in 3check chess? That see […]
  18. Is there any way to look up ho […] casualr Fischer in his "My 60 Memorable Games: chess tactics, chess strategies […]
  19. Can't Copy Text from In - Game Chat Box Unihedron Probably an issue with your browser, since it works for me.
  20. Engine vs lots of analysys sakram Well we would need to choose a shotcaller who has to make final decisi […]
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Developers had too much coffee during the last two weeks, and lichess took a big step forward.

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