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 Blackwell  1+0 Rated 20m  3/20
 Song  3+0 Atom Rated 35m  10/4
 Goodwin  2+2 Anti Rated 55m  13/5
 Mathews  5+0 Rated 20m  9/4
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  1. Lichess vs SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS #41 no , not every site ! in u have to be premium , same as […]
  2. This is what you get when playing blitz SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS if anyone played more stupid game than this , please feel free to post […]
  3. This is what you get when playing blitz SSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS I played a blitz game here of course with a lot of terrible blunders; […]
  4. Fide Rating Dragon-Lord static shadow, Thank you, that answers my question. Thank you very much.
  5. What about time? motion I try to convince myself only of playing longer time controls but its […]
  6. What about time? chesssky2 @motion you write a lot, I can play really long games like 60 mins or […]
  7. Rules for variants AmEg Thank you a lot.
  8. Rules for variants Solal35 King of hill: Chess960: https: […]
  9. Click-moving misplays flugsio The two issues you described only happens if you let go of mouse right […]
  10. Click-moving misplays AncientRo Please do something about this.
  11. Rules for variants AmEg Is there a place where the rules for the variants are explained?
  12. What about time? motion You can say its polite but u can also say that its silly depend how yo […]
  13. What about time? vlassis @motion, I will join, when I figure out how :-) the question was th […]
  14. What about time? motion Done, We add time while playing, its called.
  15. Atomic replay bug Toadofsky Good catch. Now that White doesn't have a kingside rook O-O should be […]
  16. What about time? motion i give time for casual, friends but most take time very seriously and […]
  17. There ought to be an "Unfinish […] Donterr Re: #42, I don't mean to answer for grimus but (referring to #31) a dr […]
  18. What about time? vlassis Don't you think is a polite thing to do, to give your opponents some t […]
  19. Atomic replay bug YetAnotherAccount I also verified that the self-exploding of castling rights is indeed e […]
  20. Atomic replay bug YetAnotherAccount If you want my attempt to fix the disambiguated SAN problem in Atomic […]
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