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 Hourly Blitz 50m  1
 Hourly Bullet 30m  14
 Davenport  0+2 KotH Rated 25m  1/4
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  2. Game seeking improvements goldilocks A couple suggestions: - Allow multiple seeks: I am fine playing bulle […]
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  4. Bughouse chess Chess_Agent Bughouse ... is ... awesome. Played it today, and woah, it was crazy f […]
  5. MAD GAME !!! Teata Great game!
  6. Bughouse chess FrankieG I would play bughouse alot...
  7. Bughouse chess ChessWhiz Bughouse would be all over ChessWhiz TV, if it existed at lichess.
  8. R vs R+P LelaCrosby Wow, thanks!
  9. New puzzle format georgeglue I'm running chrome 35 on a i7 macbook pro retina. What I meant by r […]
  10. R vs R+P OneOfTheQ That position's a basic Lucena position. You can google that for detai […]
  11. Bughouse chess dudebro Bughouse would be awesome.
  12. New puzzle format Clarkey It will be optional. It's still in development, we're just using the t […]
  13. New puzzle format Xaver When playing on a board, one must know the rules, including which lega […]
  14. R vs R+P LelaCrosby I almost never get those R vs R+P endgames. What's the secret?
  15. Bughouse chess Improvise As much as i appreciate KotH or Three Check as variants of the classic […]
  16. Replay Keyboard Shortcuts monscript I think this should be changed. All vi users will be annoyed by having […]
  17. New puzzle format Clarkey Can I ask you what hardware you are using? Or if you're running anythi […]
  18. A different window opens in th […] Clarkey Sounds like malware.
  19. The board in King of the Hill Clarkey We've played with ideas like this, altering the colours of the central […]
  20. New puzzle format Clarkey I didn't notice it as first, but there definitely is a few millisecond […]
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