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 Hourly Blitz 50m  0
 Hourly Bullet 30m  13
 Cates  7+2 Rated 1h  1/8
 Mathews  3+2 960 50m  3/4
 Foster  4+0 Rated 40m  1/4
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  1. Correspondance Chess geodev The links don't work either for me.
  2. interesting situation not conclude opaque at 38, i do a mistake, i have to not take the pawn, not evident
  3. Overcoming a losing streak Dionysus_god "ANOTHER REFRAMING MINDSET: You continue playing. If the thought of a […]
  4. Overcoming a losing streak KasparovRod Wow, I'll surely take it into account, tklajefklf! :) Thanks a lot!
  5. Swiss and Round Robin tournament Rumeye Clarkey: Perhaps you could add "(Swiss)" and "(Arena)" after the name […]
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  7. Finally a decent Go server MoralIntentions That's great, thank you for informing us.
  8. Correspondance Chess thibault woopsie, will fix.
  9. Correspondance Chess goldilocks Although there is some kind of bug: I currently see a challenge by am […]
  10. Finally a decent Go server touya Definitely worth a look. The recent 4.2 update came with a lots of new […]
  11. Finally a decent Go server thibault Many of you have been asking for a Go version of lichess, well, somebo […]
  12. Correspondance Chess goldilocks Yay - you guys rule - persistent AND dedicated tab! Correspondence wil […]
  13. Swiss and Round Robin tournament Clarkey You know we have Swiss tournaments, right?
  14. puzzle #44971 Pipapoh @ Cynosure, you set it right. thx your support. btw. how do you […]
  15. puzzle #44971 Pipapoh "... I made the puzzles, thx." - oh, sorry, you mean, your the opera […]
  16. 1 minute per move funfair Thank you, but it is not that...
  17. Why do I have a trophy? rzenaikrzys Top 10 in Correspondence Chess, #7,Where You see it? I haven't I […]
  18. Is there any luck in a chess game? LM AdmiralA
  19. Why do I have a trophy? LM AdmiralA In order to qualify for any trophies, you need to have played at least […]
  20. "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotl […] Babbeo after how many minutes?
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