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Daily Bullet 1h 9
Hourly Blitz 1h 3
Hourly SuperBlitz 1h 0
Brond  0+1 KotH Rated 25m 1
Fuchs  3+2 Atom Rated 30m 3
Parr  7+2 Rated 2h 1
Almási  1+2 Atom Rated 20m 10
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  1. If Magnus Carlsen plays a coup […] GambitBuddha Just wondering about that :D
  2. Bug report for iOS app 1.5.0 river-wind Firstoff, I love the app. tired a bunch of others, but have found mys […]
  3. A potentially unintentional wa […] flugsio Should it only hide pieces from miniboards with the same game you are […]
  4. A potentially unintentional wa […] Unihedron See for yourself: I was playing bl […]
  5. Show date for printing out tou […] the_bridge I guess the data automatically transforms into an absolute value after […]
  6. Show date for printing out tou […] CM Kingscrusher-YouTube Please can the date of th […]
  7. Easy queen easy game rodeo_drive just reminder to protect your queen from deadly pin http://en.lichess […]
  8. Puzzles against other players TheIceManV I wouldn't mind testing my puzzle skills against others. I second it.
  9. Forum Improvement andonuts I've always thought that the minimalism of the forum is good, because […]
  10. Forum Improvement chunkymonkey The forum is a bit chaotic. I'm not knocking it entirely, there is cer […]
  11. Suggestions regarding quick player info Dionysus_god Your win/loss score does appear during a game. It's right below the board.
  12. Suggestions regarding quick player info sdiqx When hovering with the mouse over a player name in some pages (like du […]
  13. Puzzles against other players GambitBuddha I would like to suggest a mode where you are faced with a series of ra […]
  14. Chess pieces suggestion Baluk Hi search ralph schuler On his website every piece every size png
  15. Bliz game length bug Unihedron It seems that most Lichess time ranges are inclusive in the lower boun […]
  16. Bliz game length bug dogeatdog When I hover Blitz on my profile page it says Blitz "3 to 8 minutes". […]
  17. Correspondence game disappeared Unihedron It seems that your opponent resigned. See this:
  18. Correspondence game disappeared madeqx I was playing a 3-day rated game that has gone missing. I can't rememb […]
  19. "Hide variantti games" and oth […] flugsio Filter button looks like a cogwheel right of the headings in seek list […]
  20. "Hide variantti games" and oth […] TacticoX I think this site is really good, because it's so simple and works gre […]
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