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  1. Who kills in blitz chess playe… blackzombie Here is some rating list
  2. Lichess Olympiad 2016!!! ya_boy_Agent link for how to enter:…
  3. Lichess Olympiad 2016!!! ya_boy_Agent we are looking for minimum 50 people :D the more the merrier ;)
  4. 2000 Milestone TimeTravel_00 Wooh! Finally hit the 2000 rating milestone on Lichess.
  5. puzzle 27884 Clarkey Be4 is -0.9 (a bad move for white). Qg4 is +3.5 (a good move for white)
  6. PGN Piece notation ? blackzombie The new settings contains a setting called "PGN Piece notation" where …
  7. puzzle 27884 ajsimo Because it is the best move I've found..Even computer "houdini" analy…
  8. King's Gambit Declined Arena voronn09 Hi all! Who likes challenging tactical game and loves the king's gambi…
  9. "stalemate" Freddy47 Yes. Perhaps because it WAS a stalemate.
  10. "stalemate" Xwilarg Hi, I just finished a game with someone, and the game told me this …
  11. How insanely strong has Stockf… rodriguesouse this is the same stockfish we have here?
  12. How insanely strong has Stockf… ubdip By inconsistent I meant something like this: engine A vs. engine B: +…
  13. How insanely strong has Stockf… ubdip As others have already pointed out, it is difficult to estimate the en…
  14. puzzle 27884 Clarkey Why play Be4 when there's a queen for the taking?
  15. puzzle 27884 ajsimo the best move is Be4
  16. How insanely strong has Stockf… legend youll probably have to wait for ccrl or cegt for lots and lots of game…
  17. Lichess Olympiad 2016!!! ya_boy_Agent Feel free to share your thoughts :)
  18. Better "real" improvement usin… TinchoVM I have trouble looking for good moves on OTB games too. But it's e…
  19. Lichess Olympiad 2016!!! ya_boy_Agent oh i understand what you mean now, those were actually some of our ori…
  20. Lichess Olympiad 2016!!! ya_boy_Agent what? sorry we read it, but too many thoughts to think about at once >…
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Artificial intelligence for Atomic, Horde, and Racing Kings!

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Summer 2016 Marathon

The legendary 24h chess tournament is back.